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Thursday 11 November 2010

Lovely pics

My son took some great pics on our recent trip to Donegal..

Just attatched and ready to transform!!

Jiminy Cricket, ain't he gorgeous!!

Chinese bramble berries , Loads of them and they were delicious.. and this was the only time I've ever found them!

Honeysuckle Blossom.

Hazel nuts, ( number one son called them apple nuts!!!!!)

And an absolutely true and genuine Fairy Thorn, not many of these magical trees left.


  1. Can you enlighten me re the Fairy Thorn please?

  2. A Fairy thorn is a tree ( generally a Hawthorn) in the middle of a field that is the living place of the SIDHE, or fairy folk. They live within the branches and roots and bring good fortune or bad to those who seek them out. It is extremely bad luck to cut down a fairythorn ( as Mr DeLorean did when his built his motor car plant in Dunmurry NI, cutting down a Fairyhtorn in the process and we all know what happened to his firm!) After the winter and summer solstices it is often common to find empty drinking vessels these little people have used ( usually Hazelnut shells)and even their footprints in the mud around the base of the tree..The greatest respect must be paid to these trees (actually to those that live there)to ensure a peaceful and prosperous happy life..