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Wednesday 19 October 2016

Guelder Rose Jelly

Guelder berries are one that I often admire but don't often use, though I have included them in small amounts in compotes, preserves and jellies in the past, though I have never made a pure Guelder rose jelly until now. The berries are classed as toxic when raw but edible when cooked and have a long history of being used in Scandinavia.
I gathered about a pound and a half of berries

stripped the leaves and reduced them to a mush in the pan, and the smell was rank! Like a cross between vinegar and mouldy trainers, it was bad, and it lingered!
I then passed it through a sieve and for every pound of juice add the equivalent in sugar.
the result was a bronzey orange colour jelly. It seemed to set very fast so there must be lots of pectin in these berries so be watchful if you decide to make it.
 As for the taste, well lets just say I prefer virtually every other fruit out there rather than this, but in an emergency it might just do...maybe.


  1. I make guelder rose jelly every year and absolutely love it! Tastes vary, it seems. It's very popular in the Ukraine, by all account.

  2. Thanks for that and for dropping by. Phil.

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