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Sunday 4 September 2016

Simple Pegged Pot Hanger

There are hundreds of different types of pot hangers and everyone has their favorite, some are quite elaborate and some not so, some take lots of fine carving detail, some don't, however there is one we make that is quick, simple and works very well, we call it a peg hook but really it's a pegged pot hanger.

cut a couple of hook sticks

cut a wedge out of the end off each hook, so that they face the opposite way when joined together

use an awl to drill a hole through each branch when placed together, you can cut a square hole with your knife the way Mors does if you prefer but an awl is very easy.

cut a small hardwood peg and gently hammer it through the holes so that it holds the two hooks together.

Trim the peg so that it's flush with the branch.
as you can see it looks very simple when put together

and that's it !!!

You can add an extra peg for security if you think you need the extra strength but I've never needed it and this hanger has often held cast iron dutch ovens!
A little piece of wire or a nail will give you extra piece of mind if you want but it's really not necessary.

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