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Wednesday 19 August 2015

Hacksaw Blade Neck Knives

I had a couple of pieces of power hacksaw blades left from a project I was doing so I thought I'd put them to use.

They are both around six inches long and just over a millimeter thick ( nice mix of imperial and metric there !!)

took a lot of work to get them to this stage, the steel is unbelievably hard and I had to use a stone grinder to work these while keeping them cool at all times..

and with a SAK alox farmer for scale, not sure if I'll leave them like this or do a paracord wrap or wooden handle...maybe one of each!


  1. Those look great... I am not that much into stock removal, but since the steel is well hard, heat resistant and flexible enough, forging it would make no sense. I have to do this some time myself! How did you manage to drill the hole? Did you use a glass drill bit?