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Wednesday 20 May 2015


It's funny how some years you can see loads of particular plants, then the next year they are replaced with something else, such is the case this year with fumitory, haven't seen it in a long time but this year it's everywhere..

there are a couple of different species of this plant that can be found out in the wilds, but i think (?) this one is common fumitory.
It's a very pretty little plant and quite noticible, 

It's not edible to the best of my knowledge but has been used in the past as a medicine for skin conditions and is apparently good for lowering blood pressure. It was the source of the discovery of Fumaric Acid in the 1940's which is used in modern medications and food stuffs..

The folklore regarding this plant is that it does not grow from seed but from smoke or vapour that escapes from the earth giving rise to it's colloquial name, Earthsmoke. 
The smoke of burning Fumitory will keep away mischievious spirits and the little people..

If the plant is rubbed on your shoes it will bring you wealth (must try that !!)

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