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Sunday 5 April 2015

Dirt Time, Re-covering the Basics.

It's all too easy to do something once then forget about it, so I believe it's important to cover ground again to refresh the memory and keep your skills well honed, practice makes perfect after all. So we went out today to cover a few simple techniques and see what else could be done.

we found a downed birch so figured we'd make use of it and make some more birch bark oil, we had very little left anyway.

didn't take long and we ended up with about 100mls of top grade birch oil.

We also honed our knife skills by making spatuloons. A friend once said that I should practice using different knives to make sure I'm comfortable with any cutting tool as I may not always have my beloved 510 with me, sound advice actually, so these were carved with a Mora Robust, 3 are mine one is Davy's, can you work out who's is who's??

Then we did a little tracking finding, mouse, rat, rabbit and deer tracks, no fox or badger but I'm sure if we had have spent longer we would have found some. Anyway we followed these deer tracks for a while until we found ..

a large bundle of it's fur..obviously shedding it's winter coat as the weather warms up.. A great day out and we could have done so much more if time allowed.

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