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Monday 2 March 2015

Snow Good, or is it.

Had a few people in the past refuse to go out into the woods because it had been snowing! I can't see the problem at all, as a matter of fact all it does is set a new set of challenges that should be grasped and utilised, the more environments you are used to the greater your skill set.
for a start, you have a ready source of drinking water that doesn't need filtering or purifying (if you use common sense as to where you collect it), you also have possible shelter materials if it's deep enough
secondly it highlights dead standing tinder and kindling materials, generally the air will be less humid due to the snow so the fire materials have a good chance of being ready to use straight away.
and thirdly it allows easy tracking ( these were hooded crow tracks).
with all these benefits I can't understand why someone would refuse to go out when it snows,
expand your knowledge- increase your skills- adapt to your environment!

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