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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Simple Winter Tinder Tip.

At this time of year a lot of tinders ( I suppose technically they should be called kindling) are soaking wet and hard to light, but if you find dead standing hogweed stems they tend to dry out exceptionally quickly in light winds and produce a very acceptable tinder for fire lighting.

what we are after are the tiny flower stems left on the plant after it has died back,

these are tiny and much finer than most people can carve feather sticks so it makes sense that they will easily produce flame.

and here's the trick, if you just try and light them with your ferro rod, the sparks tend to fall through and fail to ignite the tinder, but if you pick off the dead flower stems and make them into a birds nest then hit them with the ferro rod they will light very quickly, be warned they burn very fast so as soon as they catch light make sure you have the rest of the dead stems close by to throw on top to keep your fire going and get good flame.

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