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Monday 12 January 2015

Simple Survival Protein Source

Animal Protein is always one of those things that's hard to come by on a survival situation, fish and birds being more numerous than ground game are generally what tends to be targeted first, but there is another source used by many indigenous people that we tend to ignore.. insects and their larvae. They tend to be plentiful and not require a lot of searching to find enough for a small meal
One of the best larvae types to look for are beetle grubs, they tend to be large and plentiful, find a rotten log and you can normally get a handful for very little work

the one thing I have problems with is people eating these raw, any insect or it's larvae should always be cooked before it's consumption otherwise you're just inviting sickness or disease.
Beetle larvae cook very quickly when roasted and with each grub providing between 10 and 20 calories depending on size you can see why they are a useful addition to the wild food larder.
The problem people have with eating them tends to be more psychological than anything, the thought of eating these critters puts people off but to survive you need to get over that, and actually, they are incredibly good..
They taste like pork scratchings!!


  1. Mmmm still not sure about eating invertebrates though anything at a push I guess. Cooking them is good, sage, advice though as the need to try and remain healthy and lucid is a must in a survival situation.

  2. Cooking is a must, for sure. Even some bugs have parasites, such as worms.

  3. Thanks for the comments gentlemen.

  4. Tried fried bees, worms and grasshoppers at a restaurant in China, and it was delicious !! Indeed the only problem western people have regarding this type of food is psychologic..