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Sunday 19 October 2014

Ikea Hobo Firepit - Barbecue

The little Ikea cutlery drainers are often modded to make great little hobo stoves, however they make a large collander that is great for a small firepit for 2 people in a place that doesn't allow open fires and it also doubles as a decent bbq..
It's actually about 11 inches high and about 9 inches across, it's very light in weight and made of stainless steel
I fitted a simple removable grill to it and with all the drainage holes around it , it acts like a superb bbq, funnelling the heat straight up yet getting a great burn time from the charcoal
It can cook 4 large burgers at one time, nearly a dozen sausages or two large fish fillets, remove the grill and it works very well as a fire pit, enabling you to use forest floor debris to create a great wee fire that would easily keep 2 people warm, replace the grill and you can fit 2 size 12cm zebra billy cans on it..
it's basically a big brother to the hobo stove!!


  1. Very clever! And I love your previous post about blackberry ice cream, too.

  2. I was in Ikea the other week and saw these colanders and had exactly the same idea. After seeing this I'm definitely going to get one now. Great job.

    1. excellent, let us know how it turns out, mine is still going strong and getting lots of use.

  3. Is it okay to post part of this on my website basically post a hyperlink to this webpage?