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Monday 30 December 2013

Look what I found, Personal Nostalgia

I was clearing out the shed, old boxes and bags that I hadn't used in years and look what I found.

now it may not look like much to you guys, but this was my first ever 'Bushcraft knife'.
I bought it when I was 14 so that's many, many years ago!!
It was an old Ka Bar copy and I used it for everything. I totally loved this knife!
You couldn't get it razor sharp and it didn't hold an edge well, but it was mine!
Even more special was the sheath which after 25 years still has the skin of the first rabbit I ever snared and tanned on it.. the fur is coming off it easily now, but nonetheless this gives me incredibly fond memories of my youth.


  1. How wonderful for you! Treasures come in all "flavors."

  2. Reminds me of one I also have left from my childhood days...we had no sissy blunted kid´s knives in ´em days;-). Mine was a Herbertz one from carbon steel that actually performed very well... I also had a Camillus airforce survival knife and a Hubertus pathfinders knife with a leather handle, which I loved to death;-) so it did not survive. I have always treasured the first one, though, and it still is in good working order...