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Wednesday 31 August 2022

Linden chocolate - does it work?

 So I've been hearing about this for a long time and usually I dismiss it as fantasy, but that's silly of me without the experience of having tried it, so here it goes..

200g of linden seeds, green and straight from the tree. Destalked and roasted for 40 mins until golden brown, no smell at this stage and having crunched one no noticible taste either..

Finely ground up to as fine a consistency as we could get, still no noticeable scent at this stage and certainly no chocolate flavour , then the experimentation began! Various quantities of oil, coconut oil, sugar, honey, and anything else we're added to the roasted powder all to no avail...

The closest we got was simply sunflower oil and powdered sugar which ended up giving a taste somewhat like well done sweet popcorn but definitely nothing at all like chocolate! I should have went with my first gut instinct! 


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