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Thursday 1 July 2021

Mini crankbaits for trout

 As you know by now I'm an avid angler and lures are my passion and speciality. I've been doing a lot of trout fishing lately and experimenting with different lures to see if there is any common denominator in trout crankbaits, the results seem to be keep it small with a fast tight wiggle and it seems to make all the difference 

Nice brownie on a small firetiger crank

Unusual for a brownie is the deep red flesh, usually a sign on a shrimp and fish feeder..

Nice fat rainbow on a crickhopper crankbait in er..firetiger lol  , is there a pattern emerging here ?

The rod I caught the rainbow on was made in Kenneth Rankins shop in Belfast, a hollow glass hand built beauty that my Dad bought me for my 14th birthday, so it's nearly 40 years old now. This faithful companion has been with me on many an adventure and caught nearly every freshwater and quite a few salt water fish around the island of Ireland, it was a pleasure to bring it out of hibernation and put it to good use again. 

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