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Sunday 8 March 2020

Coronavirus - purify water to drink with sodium hypochlorite

Most household bleaches contain sodium hypochlorite, this can be used to purify drinking water in an emergency situation. Although we are unlikely to face any problems with water shortages with the coronavirus outbreak it does no harm to have the information at hand just in case. Buy basic household bleach, no additives like fragrances or any other chemicals, usually the bargain brand ones are the best to use. Make sure if using rain water or ground water that it is properly filtered first, then use the table below to add the correct amount of chemical to make it safe to drink. Remember this should not be used for the long term and only if you can't get to boil the water instead.

If you do get the chance to boil water instead of using bleach to purify it, you can make it more pleasant to drink afterwards by adding 1/4 tsp salt per litre and shaking vigorously.

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