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Sunday, 27 October 2019

The White Stag

The white stag is the most magical of all of natures beasts, it has found a place in myth and legend beside dryads and sprites, the difference being the white stag truly exists if you are pure enough of heart for it to appear . It is connected to Cernunnos and the hunt, a symbol of the pathway between this world and the next, a harbinger of ill omen or good fortune depending on circumstances. It is said that he who sees the white stag receives a little of its magic, a better ability to connect to nature and a foresight to help on future journeys. Pictures and tales abound about the stag but few if any ever see his noble bearing, "have I ever seen one?" I hear you ask, funny you should mention that....

Not only have I seen the white stag  but also his hind, I'm hoping blessed good fortune awaits.



  1. One of the last chapters in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is called The Hunting of the White Stag. The children (adults actually at this point) go hunting for said creature and end up returning to England via the wardrobe :)


  2. Thanks for that PJ, I would never have
    remembered that, it's been decades since I read the book!

  3. Me too! Couldn't name any other chapters but that one stuck in my head!