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Friday 10 February 2017

NIBC Late Winter Meet

Although this was a simply kick back relax and meet new people meet we did manage to get a few little things done too.
I found a pile of dead and rotten willow on the forest floor and set the challenge to see who could get fire from it using friction. Myself and Gary have often used this method before and although it was tough we managed it. Ciaran had never used this technique before but..

Succeeded after a short time.

Shea tried on Friday then all day Saturday then finally achieved his goal on the Sunday..what tenacity from such a young man, 13 years old and managed the firebow from less than ideal materials on a very frosty morning all because he never gave up. Very impressive.

And you can see here just how white the area was from a heavy frost that morning..
A great time was had by all and it really good to see some new friends along for the first time too.

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