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Monday 25 July 2016

The Blusher Mushroom - Amanita Rubescens

The Amanita family of fungi are really difficult to identify and potentially life threatening if you get it wrong, this one however is edible but to be on the safe side I've never tried it as I'm too worried about getting it mixed up with the Panther cap! However I'm getting there and my ID is getting better and I got this one right even from a distance!


Called the blusher because they blush pink. I have often read that they do this when bruised but after a chat with an expert mycologist he said they rarely do this but will turn pink when broken and exposed to air. Anyway above you can see the defining features of this fungi, examine the cap, ring and base and whatever you do don't mix it up with the panther cap!!
Many thanks to Geoff Dann for the help with the ID.

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