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Saturday 25 June 2016

Condor Bushlore Blade Blank

I was never a fan of Condor knives after buying a few original ones which were nothing more that pry bars, well it seems they've upped their game and the new Bushlore blade blank is a lovely piece of steel.

it's a little over 9 inches long and it's supposed to be 3mm thick but it's just short of this, still it's relatively cheap and it fits nicely in the hand
I decided to handle it with a bit of wild cherry I had harvested and had been stored away for a couple of years
a very simple tapered handle and sanded smooth to 400grit
a couple of coats of linseed oil just to make it basic and non fancy, to me it has a sort of old world mountain man type feel to it so..
.. I made a sort of old west type sheath to go a long with it, seems to work well, to me anyway.
and the last thing was to refine the edge to make it like a laser, it takes a great edge, I'll look forward to using this one.

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