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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Sparta Paracord - A review

Along with the Sparta Tarp (see separate review) we were also sent a hank of paracord, so I thought I'd offer a quick review on it..
These days there's paracord and there's PARACORD, well this stuff is the latter..
It's got the good seven strand inner matrix and the tightly woven outer shell.. The very middle strand is a mixed colour twisted cord, it's very nicely made and feels tight and firm, just what decent paracord should be.
I tried a few tests with it, first was to tie a section between 2 trees and stand on it to see if it broke it didn't, and if it can take my weight it's good stuff (remember knots regardless of how well they're tied can weaken the stated breaking strain of any cordage).
Second test was to tie 20 feet of it to a tree and pull like crazy to see how much it stretched, normally weakly made paracord has up to 20% stretch and you can see the woven shell start to separate when doing this..With this stuff I got and extra 18" stretch which works out at roughly 8% stretch with no sign of wear or weakness, all in all a very very good type of paracord
You can contact Calum at Sparta store if you're interested in this cracking cord.

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