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Tuesday 13 October 2015

Fire with Spruce Resin Candles.

In coniferous forests it can be hard to find tinder but it shouldn't be hard to light a fire.

Find a tree with lots of readily available resin
get a few dry sticks and rub them in the resin to form a coating at one end, a spruce candle.
if you can add more resin do that, and align the sticks so that the resin is all in the center

scrape your ferro rod gently and gather a pile of the scrapings in the middle of the resin, once you've got a decent pile strike the rod onto the pile to ignite the scrapings
it may take one or two goes but once you get experienced at it you can do it first time most of the time.

once the resin is burning well you can move the sticks around like little candles or pile them in an area where you intend to have your fire and just add the kindling.

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