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Sunday 20 April 2014

Passing a Knife Correctly

It's often the case that you will need to pass a knife to a friend, although in reality it's a good way to end a friendship! The old saying goes, break a knife break the friendship. But in practicality it's more simplistic than that, it's actually just about safe knife handling, once you've done it a few times it will become automatic for you.

start with the knife if the usual forehand grip

start to push the handle toward the recipient as the back of the blade moves towards the webbing between your thumb and finger

once you have done this there is one simple step that most people miss out - slightly rotate your wrist to the right turning the edge of the knife away from you and the other person, 

at this point the other person moves to take the knife gently grasping the handle, but NOT MOVING THE KNIFE JUST YET!! 
 It's at this point that most accidental cuts happen.

once the recipient has the knife they hold still, not moving their hand or turning the knife until the giver has completely moved their hand away 

only then is it safe to turn the knife into the forehand grip and get ready for use.

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