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Friday 21 March 2014

Red Dead Nettle

This is a lovely little plant and one of the first blooming spring flowers. It's relatively common and although the name makes it sound like it's similar to stinging nettle, it really is quite different.

it's got lovely little pinky red flowers and purplish leaves and is often found along hedgerows and roadside banks.
It is edible at all stages of it's life though as with most wild flowers it has less of a bitter taste when young, but it's one of the better wild edibles as it doesn't really get too bitter as it gets older.
It's also sometimes called Red Archangel and the folklore behind this is that the Archangel Michael fought a war with the fallen angels and was cut by one of their lances, as his blood fell to earth this flower bloomed where it fell.. It's also good for staunching wounds and maybe this is why!!

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