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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bender Tent Survival Shelter

These sort of tents have been around for hundreds of years, but using Mors Kochanski's ideas of mylar blankets, we decided to do a 21st century version

find some willow or hazel poles long enough to make your shelter , usually about 7 or 8 feet will do depending on the size of shelter you have in mind.

get the two largest poles and bend them over to make a semi circle

start fixing the other poles to the main frame, to make it quickly and use 21st century items we used cable ties and duck tape, but it's up to you how primitive you want to make these. 

fix the rest of the poles to make it similar to a dome tent, you can weave lots of willow in between the staves but it's not necessary as this shape is incredibly stable

a couple of mylar blankets are fixed over the frame

it's an incredibly easy and fast shelter to build and that's exactly what a survival shelter should be! if you have to spend 6 hours building a stacked debris hut you're definitely doing something wrong and in a true survival situation you could be risking your life!

build your fire in front, the heat radiates all around the inside of the shelter making it incredibly warm!

When it comes to shelters we use the 3 W's .. each shelter must be , Windproof, Waterproof and Warm, and this little outfit, that took only 30 mins to build, does each of these perfectly!