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Monday 1 October 2012

Mora vs Hultafors

We received an email recently asking if we knew where to source the original Mora 510 knives as the person in question didn't like the more modern thinner blade..apart from trying to find some second hand Mears Mora's or maybe contacting ragnar at ragweed forge you probably won't have much luck. However there is an alternative, not perfect and not a Mora but still a resonable replacement

It's the Hultafors HVK, similar to the 510 (bottom in the picture) but close enough to be a good alternative, though you will need to remove the large finger guard as it's more a hindrance than anything

Handle is slightly chunkier and a little less comfortable

The blade is the same thickness as the original mora and although the grinds on the Hultafors are a bit miss matched and uneven and it doesn't come as sharp OOTB it is still worth the cheap price and a little time to get the blade up to spec.
One other thing for those who need such information the tang is only half that of the Mora 510, but so is the price..well worth it.


  1. Good hint! I am currently waiting for my 510s and a Mora Robust to arrive, and only but lately discovered Hultafors makes good knives, too. As for the shorter tang, that should not pose so serious a problem, for the extremely durable plastic handle will not give way as easily!

    Have you seen this one, I am sure it's the same as the Robust?

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for dropping by! Yeah it's the exact same as the robust just in a different colour scheme,it is also available in orange and soon to be released in black too. The MG version is already available at Woodlore..