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Sunday 3 June 2012

Bush Food: Pan fried Mackerel wild sorrel sauce

Thought it was about time we put up another of our favourite wild food recipes, this one is a real taste of the summer

Firstly find some nice fresh common sorrel

Ingredients are butter, white wine, cream and of course the sorrel

roughly chop the sorrel

put a little butter in the pan, add the sorrel just until it wilts, then add a little white wine and the cream, keep stirring so the cream doesn't curdle

while you're doing this pan fry the mackerel, make sure it always goes flesh side down first!

once the mackerel is lightly browned put it skin side down and add the sauce, then



  1. mmmMMMM! Dig that carmelization on that mac! I'm in fish country these days. (It's our much-tauted salmon season right now in Alaska.) I think I will need to try this sauce recipe. It might have helped that bland sablefish I cooked too plain the other day.